My Progress: Three Weeks into Cutting

Weight Progress After 3 Weeks

Well, we’re three weeks in and two weeks since my last update, so it’s about time to touch base on how the cut is going.

To be honest, I’m three weeks in, have seen good progress, and feel absolutely fantastic. As I mentioned before dieting, I expected there to be some really rough stretches, considering I had been on a bulk and had no reason to worry all too much about my calories for nearly two years.

Well, so far so good. My latest low weigh-in occurred on Saturday at 185 pounds on the dot, down 4 pounds from my starting point.


First off, let’s talk diet.

I started this cut on a 2,400-calorie diet, and not much has changed to that number. (240 carb, 67 fat, 210 protein)

Over the first two weeks, I saw some slight progress with a lot of fluctuation. The image at the top of this blog shows my weight fluctuation over the last week. With that being the case, I decided to drop my carbs slightly, and since then I’ve seen a pretty linear effect on my weight.

I’m still eating five times a day, which is not any kind of necessary strategy to lose weight. It’s just for preference.

I plan to write about meal timing soon, but let’s touch on it real quick… There is no magic to when you eat, or how many meals you eat. It simply does not matter. I eat five times a day because it helps me feel full. Period.

So, all I’ve done is adjust some of my carb sources a little bit when it comes to my five meals.

Breakfast stays the same. Breakfast bar and protein shake.

Lunches stay the same. Basmati rice + chicken + cheese + spinach + apple.

Dinners have experienced a bit of a change. I used to eat two eggs with a bagel. That bagel has been substituted by a flat bread. I still feel just as full, but I cut out some carbs and fat, and add in a little extra fiber.

Then I usually cap the night off with two cups of vegetable soup and a spinach salad.

Mix in a few post-workout protein shakes, and my calories are right around 2,200. Carbs are down to about 200, with fats in the 60-65 range and protein right around 210.

The little adjustments are key. You don’t have to change your lifestyle or starve yourself. Just set yourself up with meals that can have flexibility down the road, and you’ll be set up to have as easier dieting experience.


As far as training goes, I haven’t experienced any noticeable or drastic losses in strength. I did have one squat day where I had to auto-regulate and drop the weight, but there were some extenuating circumstances.

I worked up to a max-rep set of right around 80% of my max, which I managed 8 reps on. Then I added 5 pounds with the goal of performing 5 sets of 3 reps. After 3 sets, I had to drop the weight 10 lbs for my final 2 sets.

Not a big deal, and understandable when considering I spent the entire previous day in a car traveling.

If you struggle on a given day, it’s not always safe to assume it’s your diet. Think deeper. Did you have a bad day at work? Was the previous day out of the ordinary in some way? Did you drink enough water? Did you get enough sleep?

So many things can factor into a bad day at the gym. Don’t immediately assume you have to make drastic changes.

Aside from that slight bump in the road, training has been going great, and I’ve actually added some weight to the bar on certain lifts, so we move forward as usual.

As for cardio, I’ve been doing about 4 sessions a week. Most of them are medium intensity steady state, with one hockey game a week qualifying as HIIT.

The Road Ahead

I don’t plan on changing anything this week. Same training program + same meal plan for this week. As long as the weight keeps dropping and my strength remains, I don’t feel compelled to make any changes.

Back with another update next week!


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