My Fitness Journey & What’s Ahead

Hi everyone, and welcome to the blog! If this is the first post you’re reading here, I encourage you to click around. Creating this blog is something I’ve been considering for quite a while, and actually launching the site is quite a big step for me.

The about page and some other initial posts all help explain why I’m here and what I’m doing. In a nutshell, I’m hoping to put out relatable content about fitness and its application to everyday life. This is my starting point.

Here is my journey through fitness over the last 10 years, along with the motivating next step that inspired me to start sharing with you all.

My Fitness Journey:

When I started pursuing fitness, I had all the best intentions but lacked most of the important information necessary to find success. I thought lifting weights = getting jacked. I didn’t care to look into it any deeper.

In college, I became dragged down by the sedentary, unhealthy lifestyle that most students adopt. You go to class, you study, you cram for exams, and when you have free time you go out and party with your friends. Healthy food choices and proper life balance are rarely even a passing thought. I missed the younger version of myself that, at the drop of a hat, could go for a five-mile run, play football for hours with my friends, or take on any opportunity thrown my way.

Growing up, I ran cross country (and was pretty good at it). I played soccer, basketball, baseball, football, and hockey at different periods as well (and was pretty good at those, too). Exercise was always part of the equation.

So, at 21 years old I purchased a P90X program I had seen on TV. I pushed the hell out of myself in that program with the goal of “getting jacked.” I saw results — I was healthier, more active, and gaining confidence. However, I plateau’d and never understood why.

Eventually, I wasn’t getting stronger. I wasn’t gaining muscle. My endurance topped off. Around the age of 24 I became frustrated and bored with my training.

I didn’t have the necessary information to understand my body, my lifestyle, and how to achieve results.

That led to me giving up on fitness all together for a couple of years. I stopped lifting, and resorted to a few cardio sessions a week. I wasn’t building muscle, and I was barely challenging myself.

All of that changed when I made a career change that brought me back to my hometown of Pittsburgh at the age of 27. I suddenly found myself surrounded by friends and family that inspired me again. I met a woman that had health and fitness as a priority in her life. Once again, I decided it was time to reach my goals before it was too late. I was in my late 20’s and heading into a new chapter in my life.

So, I decided to do my research. I scoured the internet for information, videos, etc. that helped provide me with information that was valuable and would lead to me having the tools to better myself. I applied that to my training, and my life, and hit the gym harder than ever before.

I learned about flexible dieting. I learned about the muscle groups in the body. I learned about mobility and how it applied to my training. I learned about the principles of strength training. I learned about hypertrophy training. I learned about balancing my training with my life, and the importance of holistic wellness.

I set up my macros, tailored my training toward the specific goal of packing on muscle, and focused on being as consistent as possible. Since that point, I’ve gained 20 pounds — pounds that I’m happy with. Pounds that I’m PROUD of. I grew up always struggling to gain weight. I rarely was able to finish meals when I was a kid. I was often the target of jokes about being skinny. It all added up, and it made me want to change. That’s something I’ve carried with me to this day.

In a nutshell, I’ve spent the last two years learning everything I possibly can to better myself, and I applied it to my life. That practice has led me down the path of holistic fitness training.

That topic, holistic fitness training, and others I’ve mentioned here, are topics I plan on covering as I come to the next major step in my fitness journey — my 2017 summer cut.

The Next Step:

In using the term “cut,” I mean I’m looking to train in a calorie deficit in order to lose body fat, maintain muscle mass, and reveal my true progress from the last two years of training. A cut is simply a specific type of weight loss plan.

I expect this cut to be a big challenge for me. As I mentioned, gaining weight was always a struggle. I always wanted to be bigger. So now, after putting on muscle and weight successfully over the last two years, the idea of slimming down is one that will challenge me mentally, I’m sure.

I want to get lean. I want to see my true progress. And I want that challenge.

I feel like this is a relatable goal for the summer, as weight loss is a common goal for people around this time of year. I’m hoping this series of blogs can be just that: relatable.

Hopefully you’ll relate to them and find value in the information I pass along. Hopefully it can help you achieve your goals. Or at the very least, hopefully you find it interesting.

This is a big leap for me. Not only will weight loss be a challenge, but sharing my fitness with the world will be, too.

I’ve never had a workout partner. I’ve always been in the gym by myself, doing my own thing. With that, my fitness and its application to my life has always been very personal.

Now I’m opening myself up, and I’m hopeful that through this blog I’ll find myself a community of workout partners that hold me accountable and are interested in learning and exchanging information on health, fitness, wellness, and more.

Here’s to the next step in my journey.


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