What is Holistic Fitness?

I’m honestly not sure how widely adopted the idea of Holistic Fitness is, but it’s something I like to claim as my own through a lot of trial and error in my life of pursuing training.

To me, Holistic Fitness is the idea that your training in the gym is extremely important, but it’s only one piece to the puzzle when it comes to seeing results and developing a happy fitness lifestyle.

I’ve based this on a model called the “Wellness Wheel” that breaks down the six elements of wellness: physical, intellectual, emotional, social, career, and spiritual.

Wellness Wheel

When all of these elements come together, they represent holistic wellness.

I’ve taken that idea and tried to apply it to my fitness. I want to experience success with my training in the gym, but that success can only come from having all of the other pieces of my life in alignment to the best of my ability.

Your training is important. If you have fitness goals, you have to take the appropriate steps to achieve them. However, if you are living a life of stress, aren’t giving your body the right nutrition, or are lacking in something as simple as getting enough sleep at night, you will struggle to see results. The time you spend in the gym is just a small piece of the puzzle to achieving your goals.

I don’t think anyone ever achieves complete and total wellness. I’m not sure if you can achieve holistic fitness, either, but both are things I do my best to try and achieve.

This site is dedicated to documenting the successes, struggles, and lessons learned along the way to achieving holistic fitness.


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