My Progress: 4 Weeks into Cutting

Week 4 Weight Loss Chart

What’s up everybody?!

Four weeks in, and still seeing progress. Pretty pumped.

As I mentioned last week, I made some slight adjustments to my diet, and it has paid off. Well, I haven’t made any additional changes to the diet since then, and my weight is still going down.

It’s even more encouraging to see my weight continue to drop, slowly but surely, despite this past week being a bit difficult when it comes to the training program.

For various reasons, I was only able to get in one cardio session this week. And because of the Easter holiday weekend, I wasn’t able to train either day on Saturday or Sunday. So all told, when I normally get in 8-10 workouts a week between training and cardio, I managed only a total of 6 this past week.

I also didn’t count macros on Sunday and drank some beer to celebrate the holiday with my family, which leads me to an important point that is probably worth discussing … Days like Sunday are going to happen, and there’s no reason to micro-manage yourself. When you get time to enjoy yourself with family, friends, etc. for a special occasion, just enjoy it. Do it within reason, but enjoy it.

I ate a couple of meals, and stopped when I started to feel full. I drank four beers, and tried not to worry too much about it. I closed out the day with some chicken and rice to get some good, whole foods in me. But all together, it was a day where I just enjoyed myself and tried not to think too much about my meal plan for a day.

That kind of break can help everyone when dieting for an extended period of time. It’s basically the same type of concept as a re-feed day, in a way. You’re not specifically giving yourself added carbs, like in a re-feed, but you’re giving yourself a break from the diet and recharging your batteries.

It felt great.

My weight still dropped this week from 185.8 to 183.4 over the course of a week (with many fluctuations in between).

These results are super encouraging. I expect the next two weeks to be a little difficult as well, so it’s nice to know everything doesn’t have to be perfect to achieve success.

I’m getting married in the fall and have wedding classes set up at our church two nights a week for the next two weeks. I’m also a HUGE hockey fan, and the Pittsburgh Penguins are in the playoffs. Missing games for a workout is just not an option, so I’m going to have limited time in the gym this week.

I’ll lift every day, but it looks like I’ll only manage one cardio session again this week. My hope is that I can make it back to the gym this coming weekend for deadlifts, and that will at least give me progress over the previous week.

Here’s to hoping, but luckily I still appear to be heading down the right path when it comes to my weight.

These next two weeks will be interesting, and I think it will be relatable to share. Everyone has stuff that comes up. How do you prioritize your training or diet? I hope to share some of my experiences to explain how it can be done.

Until next week, thanks for reading!


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