My Progress: New Low Weigh-In!

Picture of Scale

Just wanted to check in really quick with a new update. I’m officially in the 175-pound range, which means I’m just about to my initial goal of cutting down from 190 pounds to 175 pounds!

I’ve been using a Body Analyzer scale for all of my weigh-ins, which is pictured above. It gives you a rough estimate of your body’s weight, body fat percentage, water weight total, bone mass total, and muscle mass total. None of these totals are 100% accurate, and to be quite honest, it’s pretty clear my numbers aren’t right.

I estimate my body fat percentage to be a bit lower — probably in the 11-12% range. Nevertheless, it’s nice to have a scale like this to see how things like your body fat evolve over time when dieting. I’ve linked this scale above (I don’t work with this company) if you’re interested in purchasing what I use. Disclaimer: it’s rather pricey. The only reason I purchased it is because I got it on sale for 60% off.

As far as training and nutrition goes, not much has changed since my last update. I’m 72 days into dieting and plan to continue to diet down for another month, so we’ll see how everything adjusts as my weight continues to drop.

Until next time, thanks for reading!


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