My Progress: 5 Weeks into Cutting

Week 5 Progress Chart

This was the weirdest week yet, but with an added focus on my scheduling, meal planning, and counting macros, I’ve reached yet another new low weigh-in.

I started this thing at 189 pounds, and on Sunday I hit an all-time low of 181.4 pounds. That’s 7.6 pounds lost in 5 weeks.

Why was the week weird? I’ll break it down, because I think this is applicable to just about anyone that plans on dieting.

In a nutshell, I was busy as hell.

In addition to my job and training, me and my fiancee started wedding classes in the evenings a couple of nights this week. Additionally, the Penguins had two playoff games during the evenings.

What resulted was training just five times, and not a single one of those workouts was cardio.

But there’s more.

Some shoulder pain I’ve been experiencing on and off since the beginning of the year resurfaced, forcing a trip to the chiropractor. Also, we discovered an infestation of bees at our house, requiring some extra unexpected time to be dedicated to something else.

All in all, I’m laying all of this stuff out for you not because I think anything I had to do this week is all that out of the ordinary or some monumental struggle. Rather, I think it depicts a lot of the normal things we have to deal with each week.

Sometimes stuff comes up, and you have to adjust and deal with things as they come.

The result was me being forced to plan my training extremely carefully. Rather than train at night, which I prefer, I trained on my lunch break every day so that I could attend to the multitude of other items in the evening. I skipped all of my cardio sessions, and in turn watched my carbohydrate intake extra carefully each day, making sure to not go much higher than 200 grams a day. And on Friday, I actually skipped everything on what is a normal two-a-day training day, and readjusted to have a longer workout on Saturday afternoon.

None of this was ideal, and my stress levels were certainly higher last week than at any other point in this cut to date, but I just had to do it.

My advice when weeks like this happen is to take things as they come and make the best possible decisions you can. When life gets crazy, your training isn’t going to be ideal. You have to carve out time for training, and sometimes that’s not possible. What you still can control, though, is your diet, so give added focus to that aspect of your program and do the best you can.

That’s all you can do.

Luckily, things worked out well. I even worked in my first re-feed of the program. I wasn’t feeling all that depleted — my energy levels have remained relatively high through five weeks — but my fiancee and I celebrated our engagement anniversary, so I took Sunday off from tracking macros and enjoyed myself. I did it within reason, had two large meals and a snack, and didn’t end up putting on any significant amount of weight, so all told it was a pretty successful re-feed.

If you’re unfamiliar with re-feeds or a “re-feed day” I’ll be detailing those in a post coming soon.

As for the week ahead, it will be another challenge. We have another wedding class, there is another week night hockey game, and then we travel out of town for a wedding. My initial plan is to do just that: plan.

I’m hoping to take with me a hefty stock of protein bars and other snacks that will fit well within my macros. I’ll also take some supplements along for the ride. Water consumption will be a high priority.

As for my meals, once again I’ll be trying to do the best I can. Tracking things like your plate of food at a wedding is hard, but you can guesstimate the macros to the best of your ability and try to over-estimate in order to not exceed your carbs or fats.

For my training, things will get interesting once we hit the road. I plan on finding a gym that will let me use a guest pass on Saturday, and then hopefully I can get in a decent enough workout at the hotel gym as well.

Follow along on Twitter as I update during the trip. Hopefully it all works out!

Until next week.


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