My Progress: One Week In

Weight Loss Chart After Week 1

The beginning of a diet can present results across the board.

Some people experience immediate weight loss. Others see none at all. There can be mixed results, and often it takes an extended period of dieting to really see incremental results.

That said, I did experience some minor victories in my first week of dieting.

The chart at the top of this article is a line graph of my day-to-day weigh-ins, and you can see my weight has dipped slightly, which is a great start. The day-by-day results are never going to be linear, so seeing progression over time is what’s most important.

I actually gained a little bit of weight at the very start, and since then I’ve lost about two pounds. I can’t lie, I hoped I’d be one of those people that drop weight dramatically after reducing calories. Now I know that’s not the case, but building up a little hope in that regard did make the mental aspect of the very start of this cut a small challenge.

Aside from that small blip, though, everything seems to be feeling the same. I don’t feel super hungry at all, I still have a lot of energy when I train … It’s business as usual.

Each day I hit my macros to within less than a handful of grams, so that’s definitely contributing to my success.

I planned on keeping the first two weeks of this cut at 2,400 calories, regardless of the results. We’ll see how the weigh-ins progress and evaluate things next weekend. If I hit any type of plateau over the course of several days, perhaps I’ll drop my calories slightly.

Time will tell. On to week two!


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